Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Slice of Heaven...

Good Morning! Just a short hello from Ocracoke Island, on the southermost tip of the Outer Banks. We're here for a few more days before we head home, and I wanted to share a few photos of what we consider, "a little slice of heaven". The top photo is of the Ocracoke Island Lighthouse, which is still a working lighthouse for all seafaring vessels passing on the Atlantic Ocean or into the Pamlico Sound. Below, that is the lighthouse keeper's cottage and the full length view of the lighthouse. Ocracoke Village is the only "town" on Ocracoke Island and it is a sleepy, working fishing village full of charm that seems to be suspended in time. Most travel by bicycle on the island as the roads are sandy and narrow. Once visitors arrive on island, they usually park their car at their cottage and either get around on foot or by bicycle. Life here is on "island time" -- no stress allowed, whatsoever! Tomorrow, I will have some ocean photos from the Ocracoke Beach portion of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The seashore is a nationally protected and natural seashore and a pristine vista for sore eyes!

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Judy Rozema said...

Oh, your pictures make me happy and sad at the same time!! LOL

WE LOVE the Outer Banks -- it is so beautiful there - so far from here!
And -- my son is a lot closer to you than to me right now!! (He lives in NC)

Sounds like you are having a WONDERFUL time!