Monday, June 1, 2009

A Windowbox of Color!

When we first moved here, the house was white with bllue shuters -- no windows boxes and the front porch was left natural - no stain, no paint, and the front porch railings were pressure-treated wood, unstained. Yucko! So, we went to work to make this house our home. One of the first things that we did was paint the house a soft yellow and the shutters were painted a light evergreen. The front porch floor was painted grey to match the shingles on the roof and the front porch railing was painted a white shabby chic! To add to the "cottage charm" that I was trying so hard to create, I asked Tom to build me 4 window boxes for the 4 front windows on the house. Remember, we live in a tiny house, a Cape Cod and there are only 4 windows to the front of the house! So, I thought..."window boxes filled will flowers will certainly make it cuter." So, my loving and devoted and talented husband built 4 wooden window boxes, drilling 4 holes in the bottom of each, securing them to the windows and adding matching painted, wooden braces for extra support. I then change up the windowbox flower arrangement each year. This year, I ordered a window box flower collection from Park Seed, but because of all the incessant rain that we had in May, I lost quite a few of the pretty surfina mounding Pink Petunias. But, I replaced them with some Pink Wave Petunias. The Surfina Petunias never need deadheading! How cool is that! There are some Yellow Surfina Petunias that survived in the mix, however, and they are beginning to rebound as are the other flowers in the collection. There is some dark purple trailing, flowering vine that has yet to bloom in these boxes, but I cannot remember the name of them. Within a week or two these windowboxes will be mounding upward and cascading downward and I'll be lovingly tending to them. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that when I plant my windowbox flower arrangements, I do not plant them directly in the wooden windowboxes. I have these Rubbermaid plastic planter liners that also have draining holes...they fit perfectly inside the wooden windowboxes and that keeps the wooden windowboxes from rotting from all that wetness. Just a little tip, there. Tom did mention that he will have to built me new ones next year (these are at least 10 years old and starting to warp and decay on the bottom, he said). So, I think I'll buy new windowbox plastic liners and then Tom can built the new wooden windowboxes to fit around them. Hope you enjoyed seeing them!


Candy F. said...

Linda -- Your house is just beautiful. I can understand why you enjoy gardening and enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Oliva said...

Hi Linda! We have something in common...gardening! I love flowers and lots of color in the garden. Gorgeous!