Thursday, September 4, 2008

A dry spell...

Indeed! Here in Maryland we've had a long spurt of dry days paving the way for many dry, brown leaves to drop to the ground long before it's usual time. When my husband and I took a day to visit Cape May and the Stone Harbor, New Jersey area, we came across a lovely flower and produce road stand on the way home. There I found a few "finds" that I just had to purchase. One was a blue hydrangea that was one fantastically healthy looking plant! I have another in my backyard, but between the large sugar maple tree that casts it's shade for most of the day and the numerous dry days we have had, it has met it's demise, I'm afraid. So, I was delighted to find a young, healthy replacement. When we returned home, I found the perfect spot around the side of my little yellow house, but I have had to hand water my new hydrangea every other day until it develops a good root system in the ground. I do hope the Lord brings some rain with the remnants of Hurricane Hanna as predicted, this weekend.

Parallel with the weather dry spell (that rhymes, doesn't it?), is my dry spell in uploading creations to share. It is not that I haven't created. I most certainly have. I have been as busy as a squirrel scurrying for nuts in late fall, as a September guest designer for Clear Dollar Stamps. The beautiful stamps that I have been using are a few of the new stamp sets that Clear Dollar Stamps will be offering for sale beginning October 1st. I will have plenty of photos to share and maybe even a few new ideas at that time. In the meantime, I hope that you will come back to visit sometime soon, as I hope to upload a few creations that I've made with some already released stamps.

By the way, if you're not familiar with Clear Dollar Stamps, click on the link on the right sidebar and treat yourself to a new shopping and/or browsing experience. Their stamps are quality polymer clear stamps and very reasonably priced...and who doesn't love that?

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