Monday, February 23, 2009

A little tip and a little excitement...


Good evening all! I had a late start to my day, but wanted to post a little tip that I think is useful to most stampers and to share a little excitement.

First, for the tip: When stamping an image that you are going to pop up overtop the same identical image or using "Paper Tole", as some call it, here's a handy tip. Do you get annoyed with that white interior of the cardstock after you've cut out a stamped colored image? You know the core of the cardstock? Especially, when you have stamped the image in black ink? Well, here's a quick fix: After cutting out the stamped, colored image that you're going to pop up over the underside image, take a Black Marker (I like to use a Black Sharpie) and "edge" along the entire cut-out stamped image edge before adhering to the matching underside image. Be very careful not to mark on the top of the stamped, colored image, or you will have to redo that...and who wants that? Just a little tip, and when it's popped up over the underside image, you won't see that annoying white core edge peeking out.

Now, the Excitement: this is Clear Dollar Stamps Sneak Peek Week! I have 3 new stamp sets to showcase this week, starting on Wednesday, February 25th! So, I hope that you'll come back to visit and see all the excitement brewing at Clear Dollar Stamps.

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