Sunday, November 9, 2014

Putz'-in Around

Hello! I've gotten a little sidetracked from my cardmaking the last few may be a result of being sick for 2 weeks with the worst head cold I'd ever had and while sick I was searching through Pinterest and ran across the cute little Christmas Glitter Houses that were manufactured in Japan, sold in dime stores during the 1940's-1950's. Many fans of the little glitter Christmas houses would buy several houses, buildings and churches to create a Christmas village scene. My mother had such a Christmas Village set that she always displayed on top of our upright piano while I was growing up. Each house has a hole in the back, where she would place a string of C7 (nightlight bulb size) multi-colored lights and that would make the little houses' windows light up with the warmest glow. It was and remains a very cherished memory of my childhood Christmases. With that said, I ran across some Putz-inspired bare cardboard houses on Etsy and decided to make one or two myself. The house above is a larger scaled house than the original Putz Christmas Glitter Houses from the past. I painted it yellow to resemble my actual Little Yellow Cottage. Below is a 3/4 angle of the house.

Below is a smaller Putz-inspired Christmas Glitter House about 3"x4" and is more resembling of the actual Putz houses from the 1940's-1950's. It, too, has a hole in the back to insert a electric light or a battery-operated LED flicker light.

I've enjoyed making these magical little Christmas Glitter houses so much, that I've purchased 3 more little houses and a little church. I'll share photos when I've finished them. Whatcha think?

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Becky said...

Your little house are adorable.. Love the yellow house :).
Hope you are feeling better.