Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall is in the air!

The shadows of the tree leaves danced against my bedroom window shade, as the autumn sun tried to peek through. The cool morning breeze caused me to pull up my summer blanket further to my chin, nudging me to get up and go about my day.

I suppose that I should reveal a little about my personal life. My husband, Tom, who is an passionate digital photographer and I just sent our only child, our son, Christopher off to college for his freshman year. We are transitioning to an emptier house and finding our way back to a routine. Fall is a time of new beginnings for students returning to school, and now, for me. It is a beginning for blogging, more rubberstamping and cardmaking, and hopefully, more reading.

If you look to the right sidebar and scroll down to the slideshow of my card gallery, underneath you will find a card thumbnail (photo) linking to my SplitCoast Stampers gallery. That will take you to my gallery page with numerous card thumbnails. If you click on each card thumbnail, it will take you to it's card specific page with details (deets as us cardmakers call them) with information of how I created the card and the materials used.

As a member of the SplitCoast Stampers Community (SCS), I often try to engage in their daily challenges. If you aren't familiar with their website, I have provided a link on the lower right sidebar of this blog. There you will find a community of passionate rubberstampers who are involved in challenges, friendship, support and encouragement. The daily challenges differ each day of the week. My favorite challenge that they offer is their "Inspiration Challenge", which is their Saturday challenge.. If you're interested in exploring the various challenges on SCS, there are "challenge links" on their homepage, if you scroll down and look to the lower right of the page.

Today, however, I must skip the temptation to engage in their Wednesday challenge, so I won't have a new creation to share with you today, but hopefully, I'll have a card or two to share this time tomorrow, apart from the challenges.

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