Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'm Home From the Hospital

Good morning! Just an update on my total knee replacement surgery. I was discharged from the hospital last Friday, 8/14 and was so glad to come home to get some much-needed rest. Between the blood drawing, IV changing, medication dispensing, meals arriving, physical therapists coming to get me, etc...there was no sleep to be had more than a 2-hour stretch. But, the operation was successful, physical therapy in the hospital went very well and today, I had my first in-home physical therapy session. My physical therapist said that because I am doing so well so early on (my surgery being less than a week ago), that she will release me to out-patient physical therapy mid-week, next week. That means I can go to my favorite physical therapy place, Agape Therapy which is located within a health/fitness club. There, I will be able to use their exercise equipment as well as therapy pool to rehab the knee.

I'm spending alot of my days stalking other cardmaker's blogs, watching television, reading, napping, icing the knee, elevating the knee and doing my physical therapy exercises. I'm tired most of the time because of the pain meds, but I'm so glad that the worse is over.

I hope to get upstairs this weekend and see if I can sit for a spell at my craft table, at least to sort some buttons and ribbons that I've ordered from Paper Trey Ink...and who knows, maybe I'll start a card! How cool would that be! Thanks for staying in touch...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Time Off for Some Surgery

Hello! I wanted to share with my readers that I will be taking a "cardmaking hiatus" effective today and for a little while longer. For years, I have suffered from osteoarthritis in both knees, which has led to the need for total knee replacement surgery. I had my left knee replaced in September, 2007 and now my right knee will be replaced in a few days. I will be involved in intensive physical therapy 3 times a week, so that will leave very little energy to create cards. I have stepped down from my CDS Design Team duties for a few months, but plan to return as soon as I am able. I hope that this news does not disappoint my readers or turn them off from ever returning to visit my blog. Should you feel inclined to pray for my upcoming surgery, I would be most humbled, as I have a strong belief in the power of uplifted prayer.